Latina Nerds® Newsletter – May 2018


Zitlalic Ley, Founder & CEO of Latina Nerds, was recently in Culiacan, Sinaloa to celebrate the marriage of her grandparents who were separated for 40 years. You can read the rest of the gossip HERE. (Article available in Spanish only).

A quick update on Latina Nerds services offered, we are working on some very cool and exciting projects for our new clients and cannot wait to be able to share them with you once completed. We are passionate to help, educate, and empower Latino businesses; therefore, we continue to strive to achieve the very best in every service and workshop we provide to our clients and network as well as improving our own #NerdyTeam’s development and environment. Happy Team = Happy Clients.

Our #Nerdy team continues using a lot of creativity and innovation to develop the most customer-friendly processes of our high-quality services and excellent customer services, customized to the needs of our clients: Spanish-speaking Latino Business owners. We use different technologies and customize in-person consultations to better connect with our clients as well as adapting to their busy schedules and still provide them with high-quality services on time, leaving them 100% satisfied.


This picture is one of our current clients: A talented Latina woman from Compton. We will share all that we are doing for her business once completed. We enjoy serving and empowering our Latino Business Owner Clients.

Another client: Our youngest Latino business owner client from San Fernando Valley with another impressive story as well and a very cool business. It has been a pleasure working together.

So, if you are a Latino Business owner who does not know different ways of increasing your sales, contact us! We know how to help you regardless of your limited available time. For more information, you can call us at (888) 210-5646 or email us at


About two months ago we had our second #LatinasEmpoweringLatinas Campaign and we are VERY grateful for all the lovely ladies that participated; We couldn’t be happier!! As promised, the best 5 quotes will receive a Latina Nerds T-Shirt and as a reference, below are the winners of our campaign/contest.

We hope that you have enjoyed reading our updates. We look forward to our future newsletters where we will keep you updated on our upcoming scheduled workshops, current projects, client stories, and any deals that we might have.

We will also share our 3rd Latina Nerds Tech + Business Recap Video soon. (We have been working on it and are excited to share it). We thank you for all the support we keep receiving for our workshop and ideas for the next one.

“You get in life
what you have the
courage to ask for."

-Oprah Winfrey

Have a #nerdy day and as always, ¡estamos a la orden!

Latina Nerds Team


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