Welcome to Latina Nerds®! We make small businesses look bigger.

  • We offer high-quality services with excellent customized customer support in your preferable language.
  • We build Latino Business big brands!
  • We provide high-quality and cost-effective Branding and Technology services.

About Us

Latina Nerds® was born with love and passion for design and it became evident to us that small Latino businesses need lots of help and guidance in logo design and branding. Especially when compared to larger businesses, such as Fortune 1,000 companies who invest heavily in branding and technology; while most small Latino business in Los Angeles are doing everything wrong when it comes to logo design and branding. We are inspired to help small businesses grow and creatively impact the Latino community through “simple and cost-effective, yet powerful” technology and business solutions as well as workshops and one-on-one training. Our efforts to empower our Latino community gave birth to Latina Nerds®. Seguimos a sus ordenes.

Who We Are

A team of #NERDS passionate about empowering Latino business owners in order to increase our Latino Leadership and increase more jobs in Los Angeles.

What We Do

We provide high-quality and cost-effective Branding and Technology services such as: Premium Logo Design, Premium Logo Design Animation, Business Naming, Branding Consultations, Tech Training Workshops, and more.

How We Do It?

By being as transparent, efficient and cost-effective to our clients and deliver purchased work in a timely manner.

Short Story About Our Company

February 2016
Launched Latina Nerds
Launched Latina Nerd Campaign
We started a Latina Nerd™ campaign movement to share and embrace all the professional achievements of our beautiful latina women. All Latina Nerds® who participate wear #NerdyGlasses on their profile picture. We had a high response and our network asked to initiate the Latina Nerds platform to share, learn, support and connect with one another. This gave birth to the Tech + Business Workshops.
Latino businesses grow impact

We have the opportunity of creating the brand of our Latino small business clients and see the impact of their new Brand created by Latina Nerds® after a few months of our work. Our clients are recommending our work and we are very grateful.

Proud of the impact of our work with our clients, showing results in their sales and operations. Impact: helping our clients increase sales and employees. Our network is passionate to keep their business growing as well as support Latina Nerds® to impact more Latina business women.


Latina Nerds® team is very proud to share our work!

It is a pleasure to work closely with our clients to create the brand that best impact their target market.

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